From How to Who: The Power of Shifting Focus for Success

In our modern society, we often find ourselves asking the question “How?” when we face a problem or challenge. We want to know how to fix something, how to achieve a goal, or how to overcome an obstacle. However, in many cases, this focus on “how” can be limiting and even counterproductive. Instead, we should shift our perspective and start asking “Who?”.

When we ask “Who?”, we are looking for the people who can help us achieve our goals or solve our problems. This shift in focus can be powerful because it allows us to leverage the strengths and expertise of others, rather than relying solely on ourselves.

For example, let’s say you want to start a business. Instead of asking “How do I start a business?”, start asking “Who can help me start a business?”. This simple shift in perspective can lead you to seek out mentors, business partners, or other professionals who can offer guidance, support, and resources. By surrounding yourself with the right people, you can increase your chances of success.

Similarly, when faced with a problem or challenge, we can ask “Who?” to find the people who can help us find a solution. This could be experts in a particular field, friends or family members who have experienced something similar, or even online communities where people share advice and support.

Asking “Who?” can also help us build stronger relationships and connections with others. By seeking out people who share our interests, values, and goals, we can form meaningful partnerships and collaborations that can benefit us both.

Of course, asking “Who?” does not mean that we should completely abandon the “How?”. We still need to have a clear understanding of our goals and the steps we need to take to achieve them. However, by shifting our focus to “Who?”, we can tap into a powerful network of support and expertise that can help us get there faster and more effectively.

In conclusion, instead of always asking “How?”, let’s start asking “Who?”. By seeking out the right people, we can achieve our goals more quickly and easily, and build stronger relationships and connections along the way.